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What is it?

Deer - Template Engine is simple template engine which allows you separate PHP code and (X)HTML layout(s). Deer is programmed in PHP5 and doesn`t requires any PHP extensions.

How it works?

Deer - Template Engine converts your (X)HTML layout(s) to PHP code and saving it to some cache directory. Cache directory is setted by public variable $cache_path in class. Default is ../_cache/. You may change it by:

$template = new Deer('/path/to/your/html_layout');
$template->cache_path = '/path/where/you/want/';

Please don`t forget add "/" to end you your cache path and don`t foret set write permission to this directory.

How I can download it?

Go to Deer default project page and click to Download Deer - Template Engine. Please, always download newest version because this template engine is under development and sometimes me or someone other found a bug or is new feature added.

I found a bug! What`s now?

You may go to Sourceforge Bug tracking but you must be logged in a page. Or you can go to Deer default project page and click to Bugs->Submit New (of course you must be logged in at also). Please, do it! if you found some bug. You can help with improve this project!

I didn`t foud a bug but I want a new feature!

Of course, you may submit new feature also! We will be glad if you will want something new in Deer - Template Engine. More heads - more brain. You can go to Deer default project page and then click on Feature Requests->Submit New or click here. Of course, you must be logged in web page.

Exist some documentation?

Documentation for Deer - Template engine is in progress. We documenting code for PHPDocumentor but we don`t have some Deer Guide yet. If you have time and taste, please, contact us and you can write it. We will be glad and you will be joined to Deer Development Group.

May I help?

SURE! We will thank you. If you have taste, time and mood for help us and join to Deer Development Group, please, contact us by EMAIL

How I can help?

Write us how you can help with this project. Here is some motivation for you:
That`s all for now. Of course, we will improve Deer - Template Engine and this page also! If you have any questions or if want help us, please, write to
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